ResqueBoard is a web interface to monitor your Php Resque activities in realtime.

It uses Square’s Cube (requires MongoDB and NodeJS) to collect, compute and stream datas/events/metrics in realtime.

We all know that metrics are important, especially in a bigger-than-average application. I guess you don’t need resque at all if you have a blog, but when you have like 200 jobs per minutes, you’ll start to wondering how your workers behave, and ask some of the following questions :

  • How many jobs/min are my workers processing ?
  • Is some of my queues more busier than other ?
  • Do I need additional workers on some queues ?
  • Are the workers overloaded at some time ?
  • Why did some jobs fail ?

Most of ResqueBoard’s charts are refreshed in realtime, via websocket. You’ll see which job just completed or failed, etc …

Take a look at the demo (website does not have much activity => you’ll not see all the number blink and other realtime stuff).

More information on the resqueboard website.

ResqueBoard is different than the front-end dashboard shipped with the original resque, which doesn’t log anything, and thus can not compute metrics.

Project is still young, and all focus are put on the features, rather than code optimization, user interface etc … It’s also my first time working with d3.js, so there’s some mess in the javascript.

Feedbacks are appreciated, since tools can behave differently depending of your workers load. It should not have difficulty running on a production server, since all the computations are done by Cube, which is production ready.