CakeResque 1.0

Just released the version 1.0.0 of Cake-Resque a few days ago. A big update that comes with a lot of bug fixes and new functions, thanks to feedback on Fresque, the sister version of Cake-Resque not tied to a framework. Some of the new features :
* Composer is used to manage all dependencies
* Php-resque-Ex is used by default instead of php-resque
* New logging options
* stop can now stop individual workers
* tail the log file you want

New features


Php-Resque-Ex is a fork of php-resque, which uses Monolog to handle all the logging stuff. It also automatically uses phpredis extension to connect to Redis when installed, and implements an extra method to load jobs externally, very important to load and instantiate cakephp models. You can revert back to php-resque if you wish, you’ll just lose some logging functions, but it will work just fine. Though you’ll have to patch the Resque Worker class yourself to bootstrap the CakePHP classes.

New logging options For now, only CubeHandler and RotatingFileHandler are supported. More to comes later. Refer to

documentation for usage.


stop will ask you to choose the worker to stop, from a list. Add --all to stop all workers.


tail will ask you to choose the log to display, from a list, because you can now create a different log for each start command.

A new website A brand new very basic website :, with documentation, changelog, and install instruction.